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As an instructor I believe in providing a safe and positive environment while motivating and inspiring students with a personalized, goal oriented approach to their studies. My aim is to promote creativity and diversity, for each student to find their own voice, and for all students to be the best they can be in the concert hall and in life. I strive to be transparent as an instructor. I push my students to take musical risks and be creative in their music making. Young musicians are often shunned for making mistakes when really we should be encouraging those opportunities for learning. In my experience, over criticizing students leads to mental blocks that in-turn keep them from reaching their full potential.

I encourage and teach a music first approach to playing the horn and conducting ensembles. The general idea is to let one’s airstream guide them through musical lines. In my experience, utilizing Arnold Jacobs’ “Wind and Song” approach generally leads students to the correct techniques. In order to promote each student reaching their full potential, I use sectional and chamber work and fundamental exercises to help students find new sounds and colors within their playing and develop their technique. These exercises also help students find ways to communicate to one another throughout the ensemble, which builds a comradery throughout the ensemble. In my studio teaching, an individual daily fundamentals routine is incorporated into each student’s curriculum. Concepts from my personal routine are introduced to the students and I encourage them to use those as a starting place to develop their own routine based on their personal needs. In the studio setting, these fundamental exercises are used to produce a group studio routine. Once, twice, three times a week, or possibly every day depending on the studio, the group will meet to develop fundamental skills together. Over a period of time, the routine, which can change depending on the needs of the students, increases their foundation for the musical, physical, and mental aspects of horn playing.

I strive to introduce students to literature from all time periods and styles of music. Students are also encouraged to seek out new repertoire and urged listen, make decisions, and form thoughts of their own. Using repertoire, etudes, and excerpts, students strengthen the techniques needed to play their primary instrument, which guides them to develop the fundamental, musical, and technical skills that are essential for any musician. Real-life scenarios that translate into actual situations are incorporated into lessons as much as possible. All of these processes allow students to find success in horn playing and in all aspects of life.

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